1.Q:How long does the FM transmitter brodcast?

A:The distance of the transmitter broadcast depens on many factors . The main factor is the


Hier is die voorbeeld van ons kliënte van Kanada gebruik om ons 0.5W FM transmitter.

Hello lanyue, I purchased the czh-05b from www.czhfmtransmitter.com. I have the 1/4 wave ground plane mounted 3m above my roof. I am surrounded by mountains, and my station is in a valley next to the kootenay river in nelson bc canada. It is rural with just about five commercial radio stations. I had grown tired of hearing the same music every day, so with help, I compiled 3000 good songs that are stored on a 16gb sd card, and played at random on an mp3 player connected to the transmitter. I did hope to get at least 2km clear signal, but I have 7km clear, then it weakens and stops around 14km. It is on 24-7, and the chances of hearing the same song twice, would be like winning the lottery. If you can use anymore information, I am happy to help.

I recieved the 500mw transmitter you sent me. I am very impressed with the product. Using a 1/4 wave groundplane antenna, I am transmitting a clear and unbroken stereo broadcast for 7km radius. With my car pointed in the right direction and stationary, I am receiving a clear signal up to 13km. Very impressive……Richard.

Jy het my toestemming om dit te gebruik in jou resensies, ek gee dit 'n goeie vyf sterre vriend.

2. Q:How to choose the FM antenna ?

A: Antenna VSWR (VSWR) is an important parameter to measure the antenna is a good match. VSWR is close to a best-case scenario, such as DV1 dipole antenna VSWR of 1.10, DP100 dipole antenna is <1.5, the DV1 is better than DP100 antenna.

3. Q: Do you have ip qam-mux-scr 16CH?

A: FUTV438 two Moduls could meet your needs.


Question list for building TV Radio stations:

Please kindly supply the information below for us to understand your needs of building a TVstation and make a proper solution:
1. How manyprograms do you plan to transmit? How many for HD and SD?
ANSWER :HD 6 which can beincreased in the future
2. Where do theprograms come from? Satellite or Local cable TV?
Local cable TV

3. Are the programs Free To Air or Fee based?

4. Where is the detailed location for the broadcasting tower?
ila Orangun, Osun State Nigeria

5. Is the tower special for TV station use, or on top of a building, or on amountain? How high is it from ground? Do you have a small room with electricitysupply?
Moutain, Wewant to mast to be low not high, we will provide the room and electricity

6. Which frequency band do you plan to broadcast from?

7. Which kind of modulation method do you plan to use?DVB-T,DVB-T2,DTMB,ISDB-T,ATSC-T,QPSK?

8. How many kilometers do you want to broadcast from the antenna?

9. Can you supply us the detailed address for the area you want to cover? Wewill need to check the environment condition on Google Map
. The whole of Nigeria

10. What is the regular population in the coverage area? How many people forone family in average?
1million which canbe increased in the future
11. In what waydo the people watch TV programs? How many wireless TV stations do you havelocally? Over 40.
Question list for building FM Radio stations
Recently we havereceived many inquires about building FM radio stations from differentcustomers, however, sometimes our customers are not quite sure what informationthey should provide to make us understand their needs. Thus we have made aquestion list as below for us to understand better.
1.How manykilometers do you want to cover in radius? 700km radius
2.What is thedetailed address of the location for FM radio station? We will check theenvironment condition around the site on Google map. ila Orangun, Osun State Nigeria
3.Where do youplan to set up the antenna? On a tower, building, or hill? Same ila Orangun, Osun State Nigeria

2015-11-25 Customer inquiry for Digitale DVB TV headend

Q: we need the items as below:
a. 2 pc- HDMI Encoder mpeg4′ 8 inputs and asi output
b. 4 pc- SD Encoder mpeg4′ 8 inputs and asi output
c. 3 pc- 6 Asi and 8 tuner inputs”Mux-Scrambling” and 4 qam frequncy Output
d. 3pc- 4 tuner with 4cam slot and BISS Descrembler Built Muxing” and asi Output
These items could meet your needs.

2015-11-26 50 CH MMDS system inquiry


Kan u stuur vir my kwotasie Toerusting Lys vir 50SD kanale Digitale System

Soos 500 kliënt vir die eerste keer

Toring hoogte 50M

Ek wil dek 35km2 MMDS stelsel

1.TV stelsel in Somalië gebou MMDS en ek nodig het om u te vra as jy kan kry vir my krapkaart stelsel

2. krapkaart werk soos hierdie

Before 5 days of monthly fee client see on tv warning “your subscribtion going to expire please renew to avoid expire
As subscribetion verstryk kliënt Dáil hul selfoon
* 799 * bankrekeningnommer * maandelikse fooi geld # dan ok dan is dit lyk dit hier sit besonderhede dan kliënt hulle sit hier verlede 7 syfers op hul smartcard kaart nie dan OK dan sal hulle dit pen van die telefoon dan betaling suksesvol dan sonder 'n beroep oral TV hernu inschrijving.

That is what we want to broadcast. Program source from dstv, dish